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Transfer processing times vary based on location and currency. See transfer timeframes below:
🇬🇧 Local GBP: Faster Payments (FPP) should be received in 40 minutes, but can take up to a few hours. CHAPS up to 1 business day and BACS up to 3 business days.
🇪🇺 Local Euro: Regular SEPA up to 2 business days. Instant SEPA (if supported by your bank) within a few seconds.
🌍 International transfers (cross-border): SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 business days.
The time starts counting after the transfer has been sent, most transfers are not processed during weekends or bank holidays.

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Almost all deposits with Royal Leasing are insured by the Barclays, Revolut and Lithuanian State Company “Deposit and Insurance” (VĮ “Indėlių ir draudimas”). Everything here is safe.

There are some security steps to follow. First you need to link your bank account, then we send you a confirmation deposit (small amount).

We may request a copy of your legal right to remain in your country (e.g., visa).

Ensure the document is not expired
All document details must be readable
Take the photo in a well-lit environment
Do not use camera flash
Details on your Revolut account must match your legal document
Do not take a picture of a picture

It might take us up to 48h to confirm documents. It won’t affect your account in any way.

If your beneficiary has not received your bank transfer, verify if the timeframe has been exceeded. If it has not, sadly, there is nothing we can do to speed up the transfer. However, if it has been exceeded, confirm the transfer details with your beneficiary and provide them with the transfer confirmation.

👉 The funds will remain on hold until the transaction is either completed (merchant collects the funds) or cancelled (the funds are returned to you).
👉 If a merchant informed you they cancelled a transaction, it may remain pending for some days, once fully processed, your money will be released to you.

Possible reasons and solutions for declined card payments:

Security system declined the payment. Please unfreeze card in 'Cards' section and try again, learn more.
Cannot see the declined transaction in the app? Please check here.
Connection issue. Try making the payment again. If paying by Apple/Google pay, try re-adding the card. Learn more.
Insufficient funds. Add money to your account here. Also, check for any amounts stuck in pending payments. Please check currency pocket settings, learn more.
Card was not activated. Activate your card by making a purchase using your PIN.

You can request anytime to delete your data from our records.
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